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Specific surface area and pore size distribution

The instrument is to evaluate specific surface area and pore size distribution of solid materials such as powder, membrane, mold, etc...
This can measure pore size distribution from angstrom to some hundreds micrometers. We can provide optimal instruments for the customers' applications.Specific surface area and pore size distribution

Catalyst evaluation

For characterization of solid catalysts and evaluation of catalytic reaction. This can evaluate the number of acid sites and acid strength of solid acid catalysts by TPD method, metal dispersion rate of metal supported catalysts by pulse chemisorption method and BET single point specific surface area. In order to evaluate catalytic reaction, we can provide the customized catalytic reactor for the customer's application.Catalyst evaluation

Adsorption measurement

This can measure gas/vapor adsorption under various conditions, such as high and low pressure (vacuum state), high and low temperature.Adsorption measurement

Membrane and filter evaluation

The instruments are to evaluate through pore size distribution of samples such as separator, filter, membrane, Filtration membrane, Nonwoven fabric, paper, and etc, and to test characterize separation/permeability of membrane. This can measure pore size distribution from angstrom to micrometer.Membrane and filter evaluation

Fuel cell evaluation

The instrument is to evaluate a polymer membrane for PFFC/SOFC single cell.

Fuel cell evaluation

True density meter

There are several terms relating to density of a powdery material, such as bulk density, apparent density, true density, etc.
We have very user-friendly analyzers for true density measurement by the gas displacement method.True density meter

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