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Specific surface area and pore size distribution : BET single point surface area analyzer


High-throughput BET single point measurement system

The specific surface area is one of the important factor to evaluate the powder material. This instrument can measure BET surface area of a sample quickly. Six-samples can be measured continuously and the instrument can conduct measurement and pretreatment simultaneously. BELSORP-MR6 is useful not only for research but for quality control.



Automatic and high-throughput measurement BET surface area can be obtained automatically and quickly after setting 6 samples.
Intuitive software provides complete control of the measurement.
One sample measurement takes just 10 minutes*, excluding the time for pretreatment.


Measurement principle Dynamic flow method
Measurement mode BET single/multipoint (option)
The number of samples 6
Adsorption gas Nitrogen or Krypton
Maximum pretreatment temperature 400oC
Measurement relative pressure 0.3, 0.02 ~ 0.9(Option)
Time for measurement Approximately 10 minutes/sample
(Excluding time for pretreatment)
Measureable specific surface area range 0.01m2/g and more
Reproducibility Within ±1% (Depends on sample)
Dimensions W394 x D460 x H635
Power AC110V/AC220V, 600W, 50/60Hz


  • BET single point can be measured.
  • Any operation mistakes have been completely eliminated by sophisticated automatic control system.
  • 6 sample stations.
  • One sample measurement takes just 10 minutes. (Excluding the time for pretreatment)
  • Simultaneous conduct of measurement and pretreatment.
  • "Automatic LN2supply option” for continuous measurement.
  • "P0 measurement option" for more accurate result.
  • "Mix gas unit option" for BEL multipoint measurement.

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